New GAD Members Trained

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As the implementation of GAD Programs, Projects and Activities involve the conduct of numerous training, seminar and orientation for awareness, appreciation and application of GAD concepts, the GFPS-CHRE’s new members formally took part in the Training of Trainers (TOT) to make them technically qualified to develop modules and conduct training and seminars for the benefit of the employees, students and outside communities.

The TOT was conducted by select GFPS-CHRE members who have already been certified by PCW as GAD Trainers.  It was held on October 14-16, 2015 at Raven Resort, Abucay, Bataan.  Six out of the seven new members were able to complete the training.  Various methodologies were used to ensure maximum learning, memory retention and application of the topics that include a review of the Gender Sensitivity Training; the GST Trainer; Education Philosophies and Learning Principles Underlying GST; Integrating Creative Approaches in GST; Managing the Learning Process; and Module Making.  The participants were divided into two (2) groups for the practicum demonstration where they simulated rolling out the module they themselves designed based on the advance reading materials sent to them weeks before the training.  The said simulation was conducted on the last day, and capped with comments and evaluations offered by the training team.

As modules were created and simulated, the new GFPS-CHRE members are ready to conduct GSTs among the employees, students and the community.  In the same manner, they are now well-equipped to come up with new modules for other GAD capability development programs the University will need in the future.