Re-issuance of Lost ID Card

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Requirements: Certificate of Registration; Letter explaining the loss

Location: Registrar’s Office of the Campus



  1. Present requirements and secure Affidavit of Loss form at the Office of Administrative Services.
  2. Fill out the Affidavit of Loss form and have it validated by the staff of the Office of Administrative Services.
  3. Submit the Affidavit of Loss to the Registrar’s personnel. The client will be issued with ID Re-issuance Form. The Re-issuance Form is valid for five days to allow students to enter the campus until his/her ID is processed. ID processing is scheduled every Thursday at the MIS Office (Main Campus).
  4. Pay the ID Fee at the Cashier’s Office. Get the official receipt (OR) of payment.
  5. Proceed to MIS Office at the Main Campus and present OR and ID Re-issuance Form.
  6. Receive the ID Card.