Dinalupihan History

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Strategically located along the intersections of Bataan, Olongapo City and Pampanga, the Dinalupihan Campus was originally known as the Bataan Teachers College (BTC), created in November 1988 through House Resolution 387.

In 1992 it was renamed Bataan College of Science and Technology (BCST) so that it would be able to offer courses other than Teacher Education. In 1995, Republic Act 7913 was passed into law converting the campus into a state college known as the Bataan State College (BSC), and integrating therewith the Bataan National Agricultural School (BNAS). The BCST/BTC was made the main campus of BSC, and BNAS a satellite campus.

On March 22, 2007, due to the integration of BSC into BPSU as per Republic Act 9403, the BSC’s main campus was renamed Dinalupihan Campus. Today, aside from its original teacher education courses, the Dinalupihan Campus is offering BS Nursing, BS Hotel and Restaurant Management, BS Civil Engineering, BS Electrical Engineering and Associate in Computer Technology.