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     The University continues to forge partnerships with external agencies to further support its programs. These local and international linkages have continually extended their support to the University through providing funds for its projects and programs as well as on-the-job training and scholarship grants to the faculty and students of the University.

Government Organizations

    • Department of Agriculture

Driven to fulfill its mission to contribute to the further development of agriculture industries in the province, the Bataan National Agricultural School (BNAS), now one of the satellite campuses of BPSU, forged an agreement with the Department of Agriculture.

True to what is stipulated in the agreement, the Department of Agriculture continually provides the University with various information regarding new technologies and strategies that can revolutionize the agriculture industry in the province. Aside from the information updates, funds were also provided to the University and this made possible the conduct and completion of agriculture related researches.

    • Bureau of Agricultural Researches

Executive Order 116 signed in 1987, paved way for the creation of the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) which is mandated to coordinate agricultural researches.

    • Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)

Linkage with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) was sought when the University was still known as Bataan Polytechnic State College (BPSC) in support of its Technical-Vocational programs.

Established through the enactment of Republic Act No. 7796 otherwise known as the “Technical Education and Skills Development Act of 1994”, TESDA is mandated to encourage the full participation of and to mobilize the industry, labor, local government units and technical-vocational institutions in the skills development of the country’s human resources.

With the support and guidance extended by TESDA to the technical and vocational programs of the University, students under the program continually enjoy the services extended by TESDA like industry-based trainings and apprenticeship opportunities.

    • Department of Science and Technology

The Department of Science and Technology has supported the University. Aside from assisting the university in accomplishing its science and technology-related projects, DOST has also sponsored the scholarships of some students as well as members of the faculty who are pursuing graduate and postgraduate studies.

    • Provincial Government of Bataan

With the majority of its populace benefiting from the programs and services of Bataan Peninsula State University, the Provincial Government of Bataan remains among the strongest of the linkages of BPSU.

Conscious that Bataan Peninsula State University aspires to contribute to the alleviation of the status of the province of Bataan and its nearby communities, the provincial government assists the University in nurturing its programs and services as well as its faculty, employees and students through the provision of additional funds for certain activities. It is also worthy to mention that a large part of the student population benefit from the Iskolar ng Bataan scholarship program.

    • Local Government Units

Local Government Units are also constant partners of the University in the implementation of its programs. Through the support and coordination extended by the local government units, the University has been able to successfully conduct livelihood and skills trainings to the different barangays of various municipalities.

Through the BPSU’s Office of Extension Services, several trainings have been provided to the residents of these adopted barangays. Monitoring activities revealed that the conducted extension projects truly had a massive impact on the lives of the residents of the chosen barangays.

Non-Government Organizations

    • Liquigaz Philippines

The University’s partnership with Liquigaz Philippines, Inc. started way back in 2006. As a corporation, Liquigaz Philippines seeks towards its progress and at the same time aspires to fulfill its social responsibility. With such aspirations, the corporation extended its support to Bataan Peninsula State University through providing scholarship grants to poor but deserving students.

    • Total Gas Corporation 


    • Ebarra-Benguet

The partnership with Ebarra-Benguet was forged in 2007. The agreement was signed after the conduct of seminar on water pumps. AS stipulated in the memorandum of agreement, Ebarra-Benguet shall provide assistance to the University through accommodating its graduating students for on-the-job training.

    • Asian Development Bank

    • Philippine Australia Technical Vocational Education Project (PATVEP)

In July 1989, BNSAT (former name of BPSU Main Campus) was selected to be the recipient of the Philippine Australia Technical Vocational Education Project (PATVEP). Being a PATVEP-supported institution from 1989 until 1995 provided an opportunity to some instructors to upgrade their skills. Through the funding obtained from this partnership, the institution was able to refurbish its shop rooms and to equip its shops with machines and other instructional materials needed in developing the industrial skills of the students.

  • Petron Limay

Academic Institutions

    • Local

Linkages with local and national academic institutions proved to be very significant for the development of the University. Through its collaboration with other SUCs, faculty and employees of BPSU are able to pursue and to complete researches which are deemed to be highly significant for the development of the community.

    • Don Honorio Ventura College of Arts and Trades
    • Fortunato Halili National Agricultural School
    • Floridablanca National Agricultural School
    • Limay Polytechnic College
    • International

Providing relevant education to Filipinos as well as students from other neighboring countries continues to be among the main thrusts of the University. Even in its earliest years as a state college, various linkages with academic institutions from abroad have been forged in order to implement an exchange program.

At present, a continuous exchange program exists between Bataan Peninsula State University and international academic institutions such as International Institute for Reformation and Technology, Bucheon Beauty School and Andong National University. With such partnerships, the University launched the English Language Proficiency Program, BS Cosmetology, and recently the Certificate in TESOL Program.

Partnerships with various international academic institutions also made it possible for the faculty members of BPSU to pursue advanced studies through availing the scholarships provided by the international linkages.

With its ambition to produce globally-competitive human resources, BPSU has also tapped various international agencies that are willing to provide support like scholarship grants and to accommodate the University’s students for their on-the-job training.

    • Bucheon Beauty School
    • Andong National University
    • Pai Chai University
    • Granot Studies, Inc.
    • Song Ho University
    • Sun Moon University
    • The Neem Tree and Butterfly Project