Hiring of Full-Time Faculty Member (College of Social and Behavioral Sciences)

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Department                         :  College of Social and Behavioral Sciences of BPSU Balanga Campus
Immediate Superior            :   Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Next Higher Superior         :   Campus Director
Salary                                  :    Php 21,387.00/month - Permanent
Primary Purpose of the Position: To teach Psychology subjects
Job Functions of the Position  :

  1. Teach subjects assigned by the Dean, duly attested by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and approved by the University President for efficient transfer of knowledge and skills to students for Academic.
  2. Try out innovative techniques for the improvement of teaching and learning processes.
  3. Evaluate and prepare reports on the progress of students as a means to determine efficiency of service
  4. Study the needs of students and articulate these in theoretical and practical aspects for more relevant teaching-learning process
  5. Attend meetings, programs, activities initiated by the college or the university for self-progress and development.
  6. Do other task assigned by the superiors.


Education Required                  :   Graduate of Masters Degree in Psychology
Documents to be submitted     :          

  1. Proof of Educational Qualification (TOR or Diploma)
  2. Valid license (if any)   
  3. Certificate of Employment from previous employer/s
  4. Clearance from previous employer

            Applicants may submit resume and the required documents to the Office of the Administrative Services, BPSU Balanga Campus until July 28, 2017.

For further inquiries, call 2373655. THANK YOU!

Administrative Officer IV                               Campus Director