Extension Program: Hope Behind Bars

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hope behind barsThe Bataan District Jail in Collaboration with Bataan Peninsula State University, Ex­tension and Training Services held last June 8,2017.The project is entitled “HOPE BE­HIND BARS” under LAKBAY KALINGA SA TEKNOLOHIYA was launched through the proponent DR. BERNADETH B. GA­BOR together with her co-proponent Engr.Kristine P. Ortega. The project was offered for the objective of leading the inmates (BJMP) to be productive as individual. The extentionists will continue providing seminars and trainings that will be their way to educate the inmates, the program composed different ar­eas and requires follow up for monitoring.

The extentionist HOPE BEHIND BARS: Culminating Activities launched an­other programs that will provide livelihood trainings and services to the inmates of BJMP. The trainee will have the chance to get the Na­tional Certificates for the completion of the different programs launched by the team,(1)Shielded Metal Arc Welding NCII (2) Bread and Pastry Production NCII (3)Housekeep­ing NCII and (4) Food and Beverage Services NCII. The services provided by the extension­ist of Extension and Training Services will guide them to continue their life to earn ex­tra income that they can still support to their family and the learnings and experiences that they earned will benefit them as individual. Dr.Bernadeth B. Gabor and co-proponent Engr.Kristine P. Ortega were the extentionists on this program together with other trainor invited from other agencies.