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About Research

The dynamic members of the BPSU community always strive be excellent. To be excellent, they say, is to stand out in the crowd - that is the general concept. But in the field of research, excellence is defined as the capacity to respond immediately and accurately to the contemporary concerns in the society. It is measured by one's innovativeness and aptitude to refurbish old theories and techniques to produce equipment and other products that would suit today's needs and make lives more comfortable.

 In BPSU, those who are involved in research never cease to find solutions and produce innovations in order to fulfill the main purpose of research: to make life better. The Research and Development Office (RDO) of BPSU is very active in carrying out its duties and responsibilities. By involving the different sectors of the BPSU community, RDO has produced many successful researches that are now being used as IGPs and also in extension activities of the University. These researches have been cited in various research conferences, whether in the local or international level.

Linkages play a big role in enhancing the quality of the researches in BPSU; hence, forging more partnerships with other organizations is constantly being pursued. Through the exchange of ideas, research materials and the support extended by these linkages, the University is optimistic that its aim to produce world-class researches and products will be attained.

In line with the BPSU vision as a university of excellence, research at BPSU gears its directions towards the generation and dissemination of appropriate knowledge and technologies that will promote sustainable resource development.

Research at BPSU is committed to respond to the BPSU mandate to undertake and promote multi-disciplinary researches that will catalyze socio economic development of the province and the region through wide dissemination of well-planned programs of research and quality R & D outputs.

Flagship Programs

  1. Agro-Industrial Sustainability through Multi-Disciplinary Research
  2. National and Regional Positioning (R & D Outputs Presentation and Dissemination)

Research Thrusts
The BPSU's research thrusts are geared towards the upliftment of the quality of life and poverty alleviation in the province and the region through a sustainable development approach.Subject to formal review and consequent decision demanded by changing needs, BPSU adopts the following thrusts for establishing priorities in developing, processing and funding research proposals:

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Social  and Behavioral Sciences
  • Health Sciences

The Research and Development Office (RDO) is under the direct supervision of the Vice President for Research, Extension and Auxiliary Services.  It is the arm which provides direction in the implementation of research programs of the university.   The following services are offered through the Research and Development Office:

  • Support for faculty research applications
  • Development and maintenance of all internal and external research activity grants and contracts
  • Development and/or support on institutional research grant applications
  • Key liaison with funding agencies, the institution and faculty
  • Plan and coordinate professional development activities for faculty research and other scholarly activities (i.e. workshops, seminars, conferences)
  • Provide information on research and scholarly activity funding
  • Responsible for ensuring that the institution complies with paper and reporting requirements of all research granting funding agencies with whom we hold grants
  • Coordinate support for technology transfer