BPSU ITSO Attends to Bulacan State University (BSU) IP Application

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In view of the request of Bulacan State University (BSU) to BPSU Innovation and Technology Support Office to assist their faculty researchers in responding to the Formality Examination Report forwarded by IPO Philippines, BPSU responded to the request and visited their campus on January 31, 2017.  Assistance was given by Mr. Eduardo S. Tinao, former ITSO Manager and currently the Chairperson for Research, Extension and Training and ITSO Technical Staff to their faculty researchers.

 As a member of the ITSO network and having been trained in various IP training provided by IPO Philippines, BPSU has produced competent staff in the use of patent information, patent drafting and prosecution and processing of IP documents. So far, as of December 2016, BPSU had produced twenty (20) registered utility models, two registered trademarks and submitted six patent