IPR Awareness and Consultation-Workshop Conducted

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The University’s commitment to protect faculty and students’ creative endeavour was manifested through another seminar-workshop entitled “Levelling Up Innovations with Intellectual Property Rights” held on February 1-3, 2017 at the University Library, CEA Accreditation Room for the consultation-workshop and the Bataan Christian Youth Foundation Inc. Library for the seminar-workshop. The speakers during the seminar-workshop were  Mr.  Eduardo S. Tinao, Chairperson, Research, Extension and Training(RET) of the Main Campus, Mrs. Cristina G. Rivera, Dean of the College of Information and Communication Technology (CICT), Mr. Aaron Paul C. Rivera, Instructor of CICT, all of which are members of the ITSO Technical Team and Engr. Emmanuel M. Mendoza, Field Manager, Intellectual Property Service Office, IPO Philippines.

Faculty members who had received evaluation reports (Formality examination Report/Subsequent Formality examination Report) had the opportunity to respond to the evaluation reports with the assistance of Engr. Mendoza and the ITSO Technical Team.

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Faculty members and students of the College of Technology and the College of Engineering and Architecture participated in the Seminar-Workshop held at the BYCFI Library on February 2-3, 2017. The first day (February 2) was devoted to being acquainted with Foundations of Intellectual Property and Patent Search. On the second day (Feb 3), Engr. Mendoza introduced to the participants the strategies on how they could draft their claims for their projects.

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The workshop had provided the students and faculty members opportunity to search prior art  for their projects, draft claims for their respective projects and gain knowledge on the processing of documents for IPR Registration.

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The consultation-workshop had produced another batch of IP literate students and faculty who can make their own patent search, draft specifications and claims for their research projects to ensure the novelty of their projects. With this training, it is hoped that more projects will go the hands of IPOPHL examiners for evaluation and eventually find their way into the market.

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