Training-Workshop on Research Proposal Formulation and Packaging for Funding

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The Research and Development Office (RDO), in coordination with the Central Luzon State University (CLSU), conducted a training-workshop on Research Proposal Formulation and Packaging for Funding from July 25, 2017 to July 28, 2017 at the Mahogany Hall, Lou-Is Resort and Restaurant, Balanga City, Bataan.

Attended by 25 faculty members from the satellite campuses of BPSU, the activity featured discussions of experts from CLSU, PCAARRD, CLAARDEC, DA-BAR,and DA-RFO 3. Topics discussed are as follows:

  1. The R&D Agenda of DA-RFO3
  2. The R&D Agenda of DA-BAR
  3. The Harmonized R&D Agenda of PCAARRD
  4. Crafting of R&D Project Framework and Objectives
  5. Development of the Review of Literature
  6. A Review of Research Method/s Design and Statistical Tools
  7. Research Methods in Crops Research
  8. Research Methods in Animal Science Research
  9. Methodologies for Financial Analysis of R&D Project
  10. Methods for Technology Transfer and Transfer and Development Research Proposal
  11. Tips for an Effective Presentation of Research Proposal 

Resource speakers of the training-workshop who furnished attendees with knowledge on
research proposal formulation and packaging are the following:

  1. Dr. Fe L. Porciuncula – CLSU, VP for RET
  2. Dr. Maria Excelsis M. Orden – CLSU, Research Director
  3. Dr. Edgar A. Orden – CLSU, VP for University Business Affairs Program
  4. Dr. Anna Maria Lourdes S. Latonio – CLSU, OIC, Department of Statistics, CAS
  5. Dr. Mario Agustin - CLSU Professor
  6. Ms. Jacqueline D. Ledde – Science Research Specialist I, DA-RFO3
  7. Dr. Rodolfo P. Estigoy – CLAARDEC, Coordinator for Technology Transfer and Promotion Group
  8. Ms. Cynthia Remedios V. De Guia – Asst. Head, Program Development Division, DA-BAR
  9. Dr. Procy B. Sobreviñas – Supervising Senior Research Specialist, PCAARRD
  10. Ms. Janet N. Padilla – CLSU, Research Staff

This training-workshop which lasted for four days yielded eight (8) research proposals that were subjected for oral presentation of proponents and critiquing by experts, namely: Dr. Maria Excelsis M. Orden, Dr. Edgar A. Orden, Dr. Anna Maria Lourdes S. Latonio, and Dr. Mario B. Agustin. Research proposals generated from the four-day training-workshop are the following:

  1. Soft-shelled Image Inspection PLC Instructed Tracker (SI2PIT) for Mangrove Crab (Engr. Rodrigo C. Muñoz)
  2. Mapping and Geo-tagging Assessment System (MANGA) for Mango Farms in Bataan (Engr. Rodrigo C. Muñoz Jr.)
  3. Assessment of Bio-security Measures and Waste Disposal Strategies of Backyard and Commercial Animal Farms in Bataan (Dr. Abby Buan)
  4. Evaluation of Different Biological Parameters to Assess the Ichthyofaunal Assemblage Structure and Dynamics in Various Aquaculture ( Adrian Deil C. Manlictic & Mark June S. Consigna)
  5. Establishment of Demo and Learning Site for Organic Agriculture (Dr. Zoila Duque)
  6. Database and Monitoring System for Mango Information System for Monitoring the Status of Mango in Bataan (Engr. Kristine P. Ortega)
  7. Validation and Pilot Testing of Mussel and Oyster Automated Depuration System (ADS) in Vulnerable Areas in Region III ( Engr. Kristine P. Ortega)
  8. Enhancing Capability of Open Sea Fishing Method for Increased Catch Rates of Small Fisherfolks in Bataan (Engr. Ronald E. Garcia)

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