Student Publications

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Student journalism in the University is so dynamic that each campus has its own official student publication catering to the interest of their publisher—the students. The following are the existing student publications in the University: The Guilds, The Defender, The Polytechnician, Ang Malasimbu and The Heron.

The organization is called to uphold awareness and involvement of students to constructively deal with contemporary realities without abstaining from their idealism. It is committed to the practice of responsible journalism which adheres to the principles of objectivity, fairness, accuracy, relevant and fact-based reportage to help the students as well as the institution form enlightened opinions and wise decisions on student related issues.

The STUDENT PUBLICATION serves as an avenue to widen the national artistic consciousness by providing free rein to creative expressions the uphold the aesthetic tenets and universal human.

Riding over the spark of its glorious years of existence, the student publications, have continuously served the whole BPSU community.

What it has achieved at present is a confirmation that it has always been true to its commitment of perpetuating awareness and participation of students to constructively deal with present-day realities, without refraining from their idealism.

The innovations, changes, and risks it went through, were viable evidences of its commitment to serve as an avenue to widen the students’ national artistic consciousness by providing liberated harness to creative expressions, and advocate the artistic tenets and universal human values.

And clearly, with its past and latest triumphs, it is fitting to say that The STUDENT PUBLICATIONS have by now come a long way, and still holds a lot of promise.