Korean National Assembly welcomes BPSU Officials

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Through BPSU’s partnership with TIMES CORE South Korea, the officials of the university were given the opportunity to present their plan to collaborate with various academic institutions and government agency in Korea on 29 November 2017 at the Korean National Assembly.

After the presentation of Associate Professor Rowell de Guia, BPSU Head of International Affairs, and Dr. Emmanuel C. Macaraeg, BPSU Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Committee Chief of the Liberty Korea Party, Mr. Lew Seok-Choon, and the National Assembly Member Cho Hoon Hyun welcomed the proposal of BPSU. The meeting became the venue for BPSU to earn the support of the Korean government for the university’s application for the King Sejong Institute Foundation and to be recognized as an able academic institution to offer Korean Language and Culture Program.

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