About Student Services

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The Office for Student Affairs provides programs, facilities, and services that extend and enhance the student experience at the University. The OSA collaborate actively with students, faculty, and staff to develop programs and services that enhance the quality of life at the university and foster a just and humane campus. To encourage students develop ethically, intellectually, socially, and physically are among the aims of OSA. Students learn to act responsibly at the campus level, while embracing leadership and involvement on and off campus.

It is a service office in the sense that it serves and looks after the interests of students. It looks after the extra curricular activities of students for their wholesome physical growth and development so that venues can be provided, where students can creatively direct their energies, maximize their potentials, and participate actively in the school activities.

The OSA covers the following areas of student life in the University: (1) scholarship and financial aid; (2) student organizations; (3) arts and culture; (4) sports; (5)student publications, (6) job placement; (7) guidance and counseling, and (8) library and information services.