Abucay History

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The BPSU Abucay Campus was created under Republic Act 1965 passed by Philippine Congress in January 1957 to be established in Dinalupihan, Bataan with the name Bataan Agricultural School (BAS). However, no area could be identified in Dinalupihan and was decided to be established in Balanga, Bataan through the amended act later known as Republic Act 2438 in June 1959. Again, no area was available and in 1960, it was finally established in Sitio Bangkal of Mabatang, Abucay, Bataan; a sitio that is now a full-pledged barangay of Abucay. It was then named the Bataan Agricultural School (BAS) that was renamed a year later as the Bataan National Agricultural School (BNAS).

On February 23, 1995, by virtue of Republic Act 7913, the former Bataan College of Science and Technology (BCST) of Dinalupihan and BNAS were merged to become the Bataan State College, the first state college in Bataan. The passing of the BSC charter was made possible through the initiative of Honorable Felicito C. Payumo the incumbent Congressman of the First District of Bataan during that time.

It was in 1995 when the dramatic metamorphosis of the two distinct institutions was felt. Dr. Bonifacio R. Dumlao who was then the incumbent Superintendent of the former BCST became the caretaker of the College until July 21, 1998 when he was given appointment of a SUC President I and historically, the first and last President of the Bataan State College.

On March 22, 2007, President Gloria M. Arroyo signed Republic Act 9403 converting the Bataan Polytechnic State College (BPSC) into a state university and integrating therein the Bataan State College. There was then a remarkable twist in the leadership of the institutions. Dr. Bonifacio R. Dumlao who reached his last years in the government service was inevitably the first and last President of the Bataan State College, while Dr. Delfin O. Magpantay whose last term as the BPSC President was about to end, was also the first and last BPSC President and consequently the first BPSU President.

The BATAAN PENINSULA STATE UNIVERSITY-ABUCAY CAMPUS is on its fourth year of operation as a distinct campus of the University, distinct in the sense that, all the mandated functions of a university are being carried-out in this campus, from instruction, research, extension, and up to the production mandate. At present, the campus is earning recognition as an institution in agriculture not only within the province but also in the national and international scenario. In the province, it is now known to be the Provincial Institute of Agriculture (PIA) as per latest evaluation and accreditation by the National Agriculture and Fisheries Educational System (NAFES), a CHED accreditation arm for agriculture and fishery schools in the whole country. Few years ago, the campus is not known to exist since according to CHED, BPSU is not included in the national list offering agriculture. In the international scenario, the BPSU through this campus is now presently in close linkage with the AGRO STUDIES in Israel wherein our graduating students use the company as a venue of the  International Agricultural Internship Program.