BPSU Commencement Exercises 2017

(June 14-15, 2017 at Lou-is Grand Ballroom, City of Balanga, Bataan)

To our honorable keynote speaker, to our esteemed guests, my fellow University officials composed of the vice presidents, campus directors, directors of various services, deans of colleges and heads of academic units, campus officials; to my beloved faculty members and non-teaching employees, proud and happy parents, and graduating students… a wonderful morning/afternoon to all of you!

Today you, graduates, are setting off on your next adventure.  Magsisimula muli kayo, at ang isang magandang naibibigay ng panibagong simula ay ang misteryong kakabit nito.  Sa pagtuklas ng misteryong ito, mahalagang yakapin ang mga magaganap sa inyong buhay paglabas ninyo ng BPSU.  Gawin ninyo ito nang may buong pagtitiwala na ang ating unibersidad ay binigyan kayo ng sapat na kaalaman at tatag ng kalooban upang makipagtuos sa mga darating na pagsubok sa inyong buhay.

Taun-taon, maraming speakers sa graduation ang nagsasabi na ang kahulugan ng “Commencement” ay “begin” o “start”.  Para sa akin, mas ispesipiko ang kahulugan nito.  Para sa akin, ang kahulugan ng “Commencement” ay “It Starts TODAY”.

“It starts today.”  Such should be the words all need to live by.  These are powerful words that can mobilize each one of you as productive members of society.

“It starts today” means all efforts will be concentrated towards reaching that singular and solid destination you have set out for yourself.  It means adopting all means necessary to achieve that goal.  It means not putting off important decisions just because something else presented itself as deceivingly more important.  It means staying true to time-tested work values and ethics.

“It starts today” also means not quitting, in spite of seemingly insurmountable odds.  It is about radically altering outmoded ways of thinking and doing.  Nowadays, working hard is no longer the rule of business.  The unstoppable emergence of technological innovations has also brought with it immense challenges to everyone.  Some fear that new technology will soon displace people.  To counter this, what we need to do now is to WORK SMART by equipping yourselves with 21st century skills.  The operative word, my dear graduates, is “Global”, and BPSU strives to prepare you for global competitiveness and innovativeness.

“It starts today” means setting aside time for intense introspection and honestly considering all the wrongs you have done, and sincerely being sorry about it, before thinking of ways to rectify these mistakes.  It means letting go of the past.  It is about building your future.  It means positively envisioning the wonderful things that have yet to be realized.  It is about transforming your weaknesses into opportunities to overcome your fears, and redeeming yourselves from shortcomings or blunders.

“It starts today” is a brilliant maxim.  It is empowering, willful and clear.  It means you will begin to be better.  The world is waiting for you.  Explore it through your own humanity.  Be guided by your higher self.  Don't be dissuaded or discouraged.  Sometimes, you just have to let life take you on its glorious journey.  And the best time to do it is now—when you're young and full of curiosity and have no fear.  Don't constrain yourself with expectations of success.  Success will be a by-product of the life you lead.

Sa inyong pag-alis sa BPSU, huwag niyo sanang kalimutan ang dahilan kung bakit kayo napadpad dito ilang taon na ang nakalilipas.  You are our hope.  So cherish this time in your life.  Huwag na huwag ninyong kalilimutan kung sino talaga kayo.  Because right now, you have it all: the power of your imagination, the velocity of your dreams, the language of innocence, and the passion of a beginner.  Don't lose it.  Don't let it evaporate, or get stripped away, or worn away.  And, as time passes, if you find you have come far away from yourself, allow the breeze of humility to remind you of who you were—who you really are.  Rest assured that your families, who have stood beside you in the past, will continue to support you.

I am proud of you, and I am convinced that you will become the highest and best versions of yourselves.  Trust that the University shall never stop cheering you on.

Maraming salamat sa inyong pagtitiwala sa Unibersidad.  Mabuhay kayong lahat!