Arts and Culture

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Awareness and appreciation of culture and various forms of arts by the academic and local communities are nurtured by the University through its various arts and cultural arms such as the dance troupe, choir, dramatic guilds and brass band.

Dance Troupe

Open to all bona fide students of the University who are interested in harnessing their talent in the art of dancing. Each campus has its own dance troupe which performs wide genre of dance such as contemporary, hip hop, folk dance, ballroom, among others. Dance troupes perform during campus and university-wide events and activities and represent BPSU in competitions in various levels. Aside from performance in local events, the dance troupe are also invited to performance abroad.


The following are the requirements for interested applicants:

  • Must be a bonafide student of BPSU;
  • Versatile: can dance any form of dance (contemporary, hip hop, folk dance, etc.)
  • Must have the body, talent and ability;
  • Must have a pleasing personality;
  • At least 5’2” in height for female dancers and 5’4” in height for male dancers;

Members are entitled to scholarship assistance subject to the following rules and regulations:

  • Any new member shall undergo on probation for at least one semester or two;
  • Member should obtain an average of 2.5 or above at the end of the semester, provided that they have no grade of 5.0 or Incomplete in any academic or non-academic subject;
  • Scholarship shall only be for a period of one semester provided, he /she satisfies the prescribed weighted average for those periods and completes the necessary requirements of the dance troupe such as attendance, attitude and skills, and
  • Members should maintain good moral character and should follow prescribed rules and regulations of the school.